Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Day 2007

On Thanksgiving Kristi, Tristan, Mikaela, and I went to Doug and Karena's in Illinois. Dave & Arlene were there, Ida & Russell Carroll, and Karena's parents, Dave & Joani

Here's Trevon keeping his eye on the Turkey!

Tristan & Mikaela keeping Kiera entertained....

Visit to see Tristan at Iowa State in Oct.

We went to see Tristan at Iowa State over the 1st weekend in November.

Here's the whole gang.. missing from the picture was Lynn and Dale who were at the football game..

Our neighbor, Betty, went with us.... After meeting on Sunday she drove to Omaha to spend a week with her sister.

Here's Tristan explaining some of the projects he's working on in Design Studio.

Saturday afternoon we played football and grilled out at a park in Ames. Some of the friends around Ames joined us... Craig & Lani, John & Laura , Dave & Judy, Josh ...

Shane turns 23!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kristi Fl Trip

In October, Kristi went to Florida to visit her brother Kevin who just moved from Talahasse to Gainsville. He has a house on 10 acres.

Can't go to Florida without a day at the Beach!