Monday, June 1, 2009

A Tribute To Our Mothers

There is a time in our life that our Mother is our whole world. They willingly sacrifice everything for us to put our needs first. As we grow older our relationship changes and we are quite independent and not so sure that our Mother knows everything! When we have our own children our appreciation of our Mother takes a new giant leap- for the first time we realize what raising us really meant. Then there is a period of time when we are fairly equal and enjoy spending time and even vacations with our Mother. As they become elderly and frail in mind or body or both we become their parent. It is  not something we would choose and it is difficult to accept for both parties. We end up making choices for them when they can no longer choose for themselves. Sometimes it takes a great effort to go see them because it saddens us and makes us grieve for what they have lost and what we have lost. But the excited smile on their face when they see us and their simple pleasure in our company makes it all worth it. So this past weekend was spent with both our Mothers at separate times. My Mother is frail in mind more than body but really enjoyed her time at the zoo with both daughters. Dave's Mother is much younger and not frail yet but doesn't live nearby and is lonely at times. So if you still have your Mother tell her how much you love and appreciate her!