Saturday, February 21, 2009


We hosted fondue night and we had a leisurely dining experience with tasty food, good friends, and lively conversation. First course was a spring mix salad with blackberries, sugared almonds, and raspberry dressing. Second course was cheese fondue with dippers: bread cubes, cauliflower, and apple chunks. Third course was Coq Au Vin fondue with steak, shrimp, and pork. Last but definitely not least was chocolate fondue. YUM!
                                                            Shanna and Todd

                                                        Amanda and Ananth

Anders and Joyce indulging in chocolate fondue with strawberries,bananas,pineapple,pound cake and cheesecake.
                                          The host and hostess.

Bling Bling

Many of you readers probably think that Dave and I are all alone since Shane got married and Tristan is at college most of the time.... but no! We still have Bling Bling. Nearly 8 years ago we agreed that Tristan could get yet one more pet. So Bling Bling entered our lives. Well he is still with us and although we were not terribly thrilled when Tristan left for college without his rabbit.... we are now quite bonded with the little rascal who likes to pull up carpet strands and goes bonkers over yogurt drops. 

Sunday, February 15, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Ananth 25   Mason 1   Amoolya 6

We took a trip to Iowa to see our college boy Tristan. We had some good family time since Shane and Nikelle met us there. Thanks to our friends Craig and Lani for all their wonderful hospitality.
Gavyn and Kekoa before meeting.

Sunday dinner. Nikelle, Kristi, Kekoa, Lani and Gavyn. Craig was working keeping the crime under control...
Feeding the hungry college boys! And Shane who is finally not in school (for now anyway).
Perry, Erwin, Gaylen, Charles, and Darin.  We had to say good bye to Gaylen and Darin since they headed to Louisiana to help the folks down there. We appreciate all the wonderful help they have been to us. Erwin has returned from 45 years in the Phillipines and we are so glad to have him. Charles V. came from Georgia to fill a need here in WI- thanks Georgia!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

To my critics!!

For all of you who have harassed me about never updating my blog.... well I am not quite caught up but I really must get to bed. More later.....



We stayed home over the holidays and had some lazy days and some very busy days. Just good to have the family around us...
Tristan enjoying doing nothing after slaving away all semester in his architecture program.

Grandma and her grandkids.
Mother and daughter.

Shane and Nikelle making dipped pretzel rods.
New Years Eve at our house. Happy 21st Birthday Tristan! 
Meika- the youngest partygoer.

Everything is hilarious at 4 AM. A hardy few stayed with us into the wee hours.
We get to meet Minah Grace on New Year's Day
One of our favorite families.
Good friends make the occasion special.
Anna,Christine and Nikelle.
Minzie and her horse Tristan!


In December Dave went to Orlando, FL for his work and I went along. We stayed at a very nice hotel and while Dave worked I relaxed! We even got to go deep sea fishing near Cape Canaveral.



In November we went to California with Randy and Cathy. They very graciously shared their time share with us. Since Shane provided us with a wonderful daughter when he married Nikelle.... we have new friends to travel with too! Randy and Brenda met us in CA and stayed with their friends Ron and Terri. Ron and Terri were gracious tour guides...

The view from our balcony.
We took the ferry to Catalina Island for the day.
Cathy apparently owns a business on the island.
Catalina Island harbor

Randy and Cathy


Our Jamaica traveling companions..... A great vacation is all about location, weather and good friends. We were fortunate to have all of these on our trip!

Peggy and the guys!
Gary and Ellen
Dave and Bonnie
Richard and Barb
Dave and Shirley with Anders and Joyce
Anders and Joyce
Wayne and Marilyn
Randy and Brenda
George and Debbie

All tanned and happy in Jamaica!